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UNTOUCHED is a Hong Kong streetwear brand that draws inspiration from urban street culture and youth's rebellious spirit, embodying the city's fearless energy.

Established in 2012, this rule-breaking fashion label is renowned for its daring approach to style and unapologetic attitude.

UNTOUCHED's signature graphic tees, hoodies, and accessories showcase eye-catching designs that question the status quo and embody the brand's rebellious spirit. With its provocative slogan, "FUCK WHAT PEOPLE THINK," UNTOUCHED has gained a loyal following locally, resonating with those who embrace their individuality and refuse to conform.

The brand's iconic skull logo symbolizes defiance and perfectly captures the essence of UNTOUCHED's unique perspective on fashion. As UNTOUCHED continues to make waves in the Hong Kong streetwear scene, it remains steadfast in its mission to push boundaries and inspire its fans to live life on their terms.